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Australian jailed for filming, mocking dying officers

Australian jailed for filming, mocking dying officers

An Australian man who filmed and mocked cops as they lay dying at a crash scene has been sentenced to 10 months in prison. Richard Pusey pleaded guilty to the rare charge of outraging public decency. Pusey has been in custody for nearly 300 days, so is likely to complete his sentence soon. The officers were making Pusey’s arrest, when all 4 were struck by a lorry that had veered out of its lane.

R D 1 weeks

So what he did was in poor taste but not illegal or breaking any laws - in fact one could argue this was journalism. And yet here we are in a first world country sitting back letting people be imprisoned for doing things that aren't illegal. Earth is in trouble. The fears not near, it's here.

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 1 weeks

I'm torn on this one. His behaviour was reprehensible and he should be shunned by people and shamed for his gross calouness but jail? I don't think that's appropriate. However, if I operated a shop or pub he'd be bared. Social consequences are a legitimate form of punishment for poor social behaviour.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 weeks

Did this gutter trash break any laws no. Is he a vile pile of festering hyena vomit yeah. Hope the next time he goes to a pub or any public place like a restaurant or store they tell him to fuck off.

Zeal 1 weeks

One has to consider a police officer a nazi in this position. Would you help a dying nazi? No? Then you can’t expect someone to help a dying police officer because some people see them as nazis. And if you can’t arrest people who hate nazis as a hate crime, you can’t arrest people who hate police as a hate crime either. Another example of law over stretching its bounds and judges ruling on emotion rather than what is written to law.

FineNobody 1 weeks

When people apply thier own country laws to Australia kek

SMT SHT 1 weeks

The fact that he spent any time in gaol is a complete mis carriage of justice. The Vic police are guilty of corruptly trying to imprison him further. You cant be sent to gaol for being a d ck. He did not have to give assistance to the police. And filming in public is totally legal.

Crahnch 1 weeks

Jail time for a form of expression is definitely crossing the line!

Andres 1 weeks

I'm sorry, what did he do wrong exactly?

Antonio 1 weeks

This deserves public redicule but not jail time!

Frank 1 weeks

I think I already seen this episode of Seinfeld

Paul 1 weeks

Yeah. Nah. I mean, that’s shitty, but if you have freedom of speech 🤷🏻‍♂️ sorry but “public decency” is too nebulous and too arbitrary a determination and can be easily manipulated to harm those whom you disagree with in other circumstances. In the 80s gay folks could have been charged under it. Interracial couples in the 70s as well.

ghostdonut1 1 weeks

His name lol

krunchyginger 1 weeks

Just love the name.

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