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Google Top Stories dominated by ’left leaning sources’, claims study

Google Top Stories dominated by ’left leaning sources’, claims study

A new study from the Computational Journalism Lab has found that many of Google’s top hits for news searches came from just a handful of left-leaning sources. Researchers collected 6,302 unique links to news articles shown in the Top Stories box in 2017. Their data showed that 86% of Top Stories came from only 20 news sources. CNN, NYT and The Washington Post accounted for 23% of all impressions.

Hildy Johnson
Hildy Johnson 1 year

Though this doesn't surprise me, I still find it unacceptable.

Jane W
Jane W 1 year

Wow this is misrepresented. The study counted impressions, not available sourcing and links. What they have found is that people click on those links, not that others are not available on Google. In fact if you search Google for news, Fox is literally the first news outlet listed. More misrepresented drivel so conservatives could cry victim. People have every right to not click on their hatred and give them "impressions". Not to mention older ppl are more conservative- and they often watch television rather going online.

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 1 year

As someone who uses that Google top stories thing regularly, it does have a noticeably large amount of corporate/left leaning propaganda featured. It also is personalized per user and they still have normal cards that are actually useful like when it recommends anything from local news or if it's about leaks or whatever

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