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Will Laminator 3 months
Finally, something decent for my country Edit: didn’t expect that many upvotes and way to cuck me James, but the truth hurts
James Grieves 3 months
Sadly not. A lot of work these days is tethering people up in zero hour contracts and never collecting
Oliver Biscuit 3 months
The best thing that the UK could hope for is brexit. Short term, things might slump, but being able to kick the EU out of your sovereign fisheries (that the EU destroyed), would cause job growth. Countries around the world would line up to set up trade with the UK. Lowering corporate tax would entice companies to come and invest. Long term, its the best thing. On a grander scale, would cut the EU off of ~25% of its income causing nations that were already destroyed by the EU to go solo as well.
. 3 months
@James Grieves You overestimate the impact of zero hours contracts. as of October 2018 only 2.6% of the population were on zero hours contracts, and of that cohort only 16.4% actually recieved little to no hours of work per week. Things aren't that bad. Source:

Jason J Mitchell 3 months
I wonder, is this because of policy actions of the government or a general trend. In the US, we've assumed the job market has been fixing itself thanks to the lower corporate tax rate. I'm convinced that this is contributory. However are there other more global factors?

Jackie MOD 3 months
it's such a shame all those immigrants the right cant stop complaining about have taken all of their jobs and now no one in the UK can find work. Oh wait, the opposite of that happened? you dont say.
Andrew Montague 3 months
So if we can't find people to fill the jobs we can start letting people in to do so. Immigration has never been an issue, it's illegal or unmonitored immigration that's been a problem. That's been Mr Benjamin's position on it too. Don't be a simpleton and swallow just what you read in the Guardian...
Beisht Kione 3 months
On that particular subject, Sargon is talking about the Poles. He also mentioned a while back that since Brexit began, wages have been going up as a result of less people wanting to move to England to work. Because that's what it is. They dont want to be English. They just want to make money.
Radical Moderate 3 months
From what I've gathered on his campaign, Sargon is more against the cultural divide between new immigrants and Britons, the "they took 'r jobs" is more of an American complaint. (Of course if you have a video that proves otherwise I'll give it a listen) It does not matter that your whole society is employed if they all hate eachother on cultural or religious grounds. There should be some sense of national unity.