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Bodycam footage shows officers kneeling on the back of Mario Gonzalez

Bodycam footage shows officers kneeling on the back of Mario Gonzalez

New bodycam footage shows California cops kneeling on the back of a gasping 26 year-old father. Mario Gonzalez died on April 19 after Alameda police officers tried to restrain him while responding to multiple police calls. Cops said that they were called to the 800 block of Oak Street around 10.45am that morning when a scuffle ensued and ’Mario had a medical emergency,’ NYT reported.

Emil J.
Emil J.
jamie 2 weeks

Knees on the shoulder or back has been used for decades and ensures the most control over a subject thats RESISTING. Especially one under the influence with possible increased pain tolerance. Yes I would have rolled him on his side but also understand him not wanting to lose what he had. Stop fighting cops i dont know sounds like sound advice over and over but what do I know

your foxy friend
your foxy friend 2 weeks

Don't worry, he's not dark enough to cause riots.

Seekster 2 weeks

What is wrong with putting a knee on someone's back to keep them pinned?

Pryotra 2 weeks

I don't think that he's the right shade of skin tone to attract BLM support. Which is ultimately why we can say that BLM is a racist organization and not one that actually cares about police brutality.

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