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Sherbert Lemon 3 months
The USA gearing up for transgressions and lowering their dependence on Iran and Venezuela, it begins. Would love to hear a counter-argument to this. Not trying to fear monger here, just stating what I think is really happening.
SûmFigöt 3 months
US and NATO do not buy oil from Iran. Iran trades mainly in gold, yuan, rupees, euros, and ruples. The VZ would be a powerful ally to competitors of the US. Oil is mostly traded in USD only (see petrodollars). If any large oil producers could be convinced to accept other currencies, the dollar would suffer. That is why the US is nice to the Arabs, hates the Iranians, and is watching Venezuela closely.
Voice of Reason 3 months
The US is an oil exporter with zero imported oil week to week since last year and didn't buy oil from Iran or Venezuela even when it did import oil.
Sherbert Lemon 3 months
I made yesterday's comment on speculation for the similar "real" reason Iraq was invaded. I also know they are not allies but the enemy of the USA. If they are able to make it about anything else (WMD) and not be held accountable by Russia for their actions I still believe that's what they're after. We have fifty years left of oil globally and Iran is number four on the globe. The USA also has The strategic placement with Iraq being on the west of Iran. I don't know where Iran keeps their missiles but they have been loading troops on their western border. I guess the biggest deterrent is the nukes. The economic situation and allies didn't save Iraq from an invasion. I would probably still say that's where it's headed.