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John Bull 4 months
And hopefully the politicians are banned from attending.

Sir_Kutz 4 months
May we all try to live up to this example of selflessness.

Daniel McEwen 4 months
What a brave man he was. Hope people remember the heroes out there fighting against this stuff.

Gunter-c137 4 months
The US Today article actually has the audacity to say this was a manly act and in fact not toxic masculinity. Then goes in to state that we need more men such as these in our society. GASP!
drakethesnake 4 months
Can you stop being triggered by gender identity for like 5 min?
Big Bang Boi 4 months
drakethesnake sarcasm
drakethesnake 4 months
Note the story, not how it's not even close to being relevant.

bliss 4 months
The world needs more people like this man, Rest easy

Robert Hicks 4 months
I hope that if I am ever in that kind of situation, I can act in that same tradition. Bravery, sacrifice, and commitment; they never go out of style for long.

Petri Fide 4 months
Rest in Peace HERO.... Sempre Fi