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SûmFigöt 3 months
“The War will be over by Christmas boys!”- everyone in WWI and WWII.
Hannibal 3 months
"Saddam's troops will take years to defeat" Global media right before Desert Storm. Ground canpaign lasted less than a week. The US is actually quite good at conventional warfare. Besides, Cotton wasn't calling for an occupation. That would definitely be a pain!

Rick Smith 3 months
Just like Iraq was a "two month war"
Hannibal 3 months
The first time around it was a two month war... 1991!

Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
America first not world police!

Vic A 3 months
Deep State wants war, virtually no one else with half a brain does.
Brandon Spears 3 months
you'd be surprised on this app...
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
If there is violation of basic human rights then a war should be justified.
Brandon Spears 3 months
@Unfortunate Son no, not our country, not our problem, if we're going to help anyone we need to help Mexico, Honduras, el Salvador, and Guatemala get their crap together so their citizens can once and for all stop coming into America

T.N. Morgan 3 months
What war? We're at war with Iran now? How about we don't fight any wars and leave that part of the world alone?

M.Twain 3 months
Yea, Tom its time for you to take your elitest ass back to Arkansas and shut the fuck up. The Generals don't need any input from a 90-day wonder who has no clue.
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
I don’t know Twain. He might have a point. Two nuclear strikes outta win the war real quick.
M.Twain 3 months
Seriously you think that's a good idea if so you're dumber than Trump and that says a lot.
(Un)Fortunate Son 3 months
MTwain, do you not get a bit of sarcasm? Of course it’s a bad idea.

Anubis 3 months
Unless Iran strikes the US we have no business getting involved in another fucking pointless war.

Don Grantham 3 months
These pesky little regional wars have a funny way of escalating. I wouldn't be so certain of the 'two strike' scenario.

Tin Ego 3 months
Your Great Great grand daddies should have listened to the isolationists back in the 1900s. Imagine what the US would be today built on peace not war.
Hannibal 3 months
We'd be wishing we'd not let the Nazis or Soviets take over Europe, Europeans turn Latin America into colonies, and that our fleet be used to protect peaceful trade. Isolationism works for countries with nothing worth having and no interests abroad.

Ben B. 3 months
Step 1: bomb Kharg Island Step 2: profit

GG WP 3 months
Two might be pushing it. Five might be sufficient. It's the war against evil. You boys should bring out the big guns.
Based Haole 3 months
tell you what why don't you take your fat ass to Iran while the rest of us watch you go ahead I'm sure your an outstanding example of prime soldier and not say an overweight retard that can barely wipe his own ass without breaking out in a sweat
GG WP 3 months
I'm very sorry to hear about the state of your health. Perhaps you should try a diet and a proper exercise routine rather than "projection" in your rhetoric. Does wonders, I hear.

themdg MOD 3 months
US striking them. Them striking the floor.

Andrew 1010 3 months
Oh yeah like that's how it would work out.

drakethesnake 3 months
Operation Iranian Liberation, oh what does that spell.

Robert Hicks 3 months
The most germane evaluation of his statement is that the US is the world's best extreme power, and that the targets the USA has had selected for about a decade if not longer, would completely neutralize the Iran regime's response. Remember, it's an autocratic regime that only exists because it represses its people. Take out the means of repression while not invading, will collapse the gvt and security services. He's more correct than incorrect.

Law Bird 3 months
More money for Israel goys!

No Signal 3 months
cotton, here's your rifle, your dayglow orange jump suit and parachute. If you can't do it yourself, shut the fuck up.

Petri Fide 3 months
Rods from God

SimonR 3 months
They're a nuclear power and they're a terrorist nation, there is no winning that war.

Wig Idacious 3 months
Nuke Israel and wars would be ended in one strike.
Petri Fide 3 months
Hello Brian