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Beck70 4 months
Saw the video, and was disgusted and heartbroken. This evil piece of crap was harassing and cussing out other passengers, and this man just told her to be nice. Her response was this. He hit his head, and this injury eventually led to his death. May she rot in prison.
Hypnotica 4 months
Or maybe we excute her? Save the taxpayers some money I say.

John Doe 4 months
So when can we expect hate crime charges?
Law Bird 4 months
Haha he's white there's no hate crime here.

Jake Middleton 4 months
U WOT M8 4 months
Honk honk
Robert 4 months
Percentages are racist.
Law Bird 4 months
6%, not 13%.

T.N. Morgan 4 months
The stupid cunt was cussing people out on the bus, (while with her child, mind you), and all he did was tell her to be nicer. Really? You attack somebody for something like that? What a worthless piece of shit.

Barny Fraggles 4 months
I wonder what c....oh, nevermind.

Scruffy Stoat 4 months
How come they left the races of those involved out of the headline, don't they usually include them? "Black female attacks and murders elderly white man in broad daylight."
Law Bird 4 months
Because then the headline would be racist.
Law Bird 4 months
That headline is pretty racist.
NeverKnows Best 4 months
They only include color when a white person is the criminal

Dace 4 months
Did that video cut out too soon or did absolutely NO ONE get off the bus go and see to him?

No Signal 4 months
Hang this bitch with razor wire. Throw her parents in too, because reparations and shit.

SimonR 4 months
Whomever sets in motion a chain of events resulting in death shall be found guilty of murder - common law.
paddy 4 months
*manslaughter, murder is reserved for those with intent to harm, such as in this case.
Law Bird 4 months
It could be murder - A person who commits an act which is done with reckless disregard for life that results in a person's death may be charged with murder.
SimonR 4 months
No paddy, I was quoting common law, it's a murder charge.

TheeSabin 4 months
Too had the news websites to to shit to play the video so I guess no one is going to see it.
Tell Ur Mom It's Tron 4 months
Click on the links provided retard...
Law Bird 4 months
@Yasss I'm not sure if you're having a bad day however there is no reason to call this person a retard. Chill.
Tell Ur Mom It's Tron 4 months
Retarded is as retarded does. 🕵 I think someone famous said that shit... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙅

Justin Kidd 4 months
Wow Queen Latifah is evil