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Stal 3 months
Sad. Handling peer pressure on social media is something that needs to be taught to the young. Depressions spreading rapidly in the young and, while its not clear in this case, the social media is most likely a major factor
Shadowfoxx 14 3 months
idk if this was about her not handling peer pressure well. It sounds to me like she was determined to do it and was just looking for some superficial validation to solidify her decision to go through with her suicide. Honestly, I put more scrutiny on the parents, or whoever was responsible for her, for even letting her get this far into the depression hole
Sober Drunk 3 months
That's exactly why I avoid social media in my most depressed moments. I would never leave my life in the hands of a group of teenagers on the internet, teens haven't learned respect for another human being's life yet. Very sad to hear.
Properganda 3 months
no. it is capitalism alienating people.. when you feel alone and have nothing to live for. I feel like killing my self daily due to the capitalist system leaving me confused about the future ... I have to work and slave my life away tell I die.. no retirement or good times for the majority of people.. wake up and stop blaming social media without blaming capitalism

Kym Charles 3 months
Don't know who is stupider. The girl for making the poll and following the result or the idiots that voted for her to die. In that case, you don't vote. You tell her to get some help. I probably blame the voters more.
Properganda 3 months
I blame capitalism.. I leaves me feeling alone and hopeless for the future.. its either be ruthless or have a heart and be depressed.
rj9955hi 3 months
the voters were probably just being trolls
Lowlife 3 months
The voters are just being edgy. The only surprise with the poll results is that death wasn’t higher.