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Aniolel Seer 3 months
What they mean is: remove live streams based their loosey goosey rules. Law enforcement officials could rely on them....
SimonR 3 months
Exactly, documenting the crime is an asset in the case against them.

DrSlushee 3 months
just delete Facebook waste of time.

Captain Obvious 3 months
How does this help curb violent leftist terrorists?

Cary Brown 3 months
More censorship with the usual excuses.

SimonR 3 months
"online violence"
SûmFigöt 3 months
Sticks and stones

Paul N 3 months
Double speak Let’s censor anything that is pro conservatives and look the other way if it’s anything no matter how offensive if it helps liberals and the world “progressive” agenda.

Sean 3 months
They are admitting their complicity. They should be held accountable and castigated accordingly.

DivineDawn 3 months
exactly what the shooter wants more restrictions more panic