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FishyMacaroon6 2 months
Enforced how? I own more than 5 guns. If I hit a rough patch and decided to sell a few, there's absolutely no way for them to ensure I perform background checks on my buyers. Laws without teeth are useless.
Ryan 2 months
I think part of her plan is to criminalize selling the firearms without government approval. So you would need to provide the results of the background checks to get approval I assume.
FishyMacaroon6 2 months
@Ryan, the government still doesn't know who owns what. If they can't prove that I had the guns before I sold them, so they can't realistically prosecute me for selling them, it's a losing case every time. Without total registration, none of these laws do anything, and we'll never accept registration.
Malcolm C. 2 months
can't they find out who owned the gun through the serial number?