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Seed 3 months
Oh, how the West has lost itself. We are too obsessed with "me, me, me" - and I am certainly not immune to that. We just do what others expect us to do without really thinking about it - we go to college, go try to find work, we try to fit in by confirming to society's progressive and material ideals. Freedom, progress, and equality are our own golden calves. But when push comes to shove, all we will do is cry "Racist!". How pathetic. Western society has lasted as long as it has because of two major binding forces keeping it together - family and religion. Both of those are collapsing, and we think that we can ignore said collapses because they are remnants of the old "patriarchy" without considering honestly why they lasted as long as they have in the first place. Smash the golden calves modern society offers us and find out who you are - embrace life and do not be afraid of discovering who you really are (unless who you really are is some murderous psychopath). If you secretly really disagree with democracy, feminism, secularism, or similar modern ideals, do not be afraid to ask why; disagreeing with these things does not necessarily make you a bad person. If you discover you are actually a bloodthirsty killer at heart, PLEASE see a mental health professional. The world is at your cusp - you can make excuses all you want but that doesn't change anything. All you need to do is seize the moment - what do you really want to do? Do you really want to work a 9-to-5 office job? Or do you want to live a traditional lifestyle (family and religion)? Or how about a painter? All you need is to develop a fanbase who likes your art - the internet can help with that. If you, later in life, find you regret not pursuing certain actions now, you have only yourself to blame. No amount of college debts or progressive jargon will change that.
Star Alien 3 months
No one can afford the trad lifestyle anymore. Its the numbers stupid.
Justin Fenimore 3 months
If you mean no one can afford to live off of trade wages, which trades are you looking at and where? In PA there are so few tradesman, they are offering insane apprentice packages to get people started and it comes with little to no student debt.
Sherbert Lemon 3 months
@Justin Fenimore, I believe Star Alien meant traditional in context to the thread comment. Trades however really are where it's at right now. Unfortunately, it requires average skilled workers so adds an extra complication to the poor and low skilled. Unsure of a working solution that makes the majority happy outside of the benefits offered already, although im up for hearing new ideas.