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Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
Things the left doesn't consider a constitutional right: Free Speech Bear Arms Due Process Privacy Protection from unlawful search and seizure Things the left does consider a constitutional right: Murdering the unborn
Jackie MOD 3 months
Can you tell me how the left doesn't believe that you have a right to free speech and how this applies to the 1st amendment? Also name even one established Democrat, preferably one running for the nomination that once to ban all guns? Also since those amendments only apply to the US it would be helpful if you only used US sources and didn't cite things that they're doing in say Canada or the United Kingdom which don't have the 1st or 2nd amendment
Patrick Henry 3 months
Jackie Restricting "hate speech" is their attempt to eliminate free speech due to the fact that "hate speech" is defined as (anything not left-supporting.) This is the Left's modus operandi. They can't defeat through logic, so they must silence their opposition. Fox News is, arguably, the only good Right-wing cable news channel, and they openly advocate for "shutting it down." The Leftists are banning Conservatives from every social media source, ostracizing them from Patreon, PayPal, and Mastercard, and don't want to stop until Conservative bank accounts are closed and their jobs blacklisted. ... This is not superstition, but actual events that are already happening to NON-far-right Conservatives... if you pay attention to Conservative news on YouTube and Minds. Sargon of Akkad was one that was banned from Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon, and others from the same and from Mastercard.
Jackie MOD 3 months
Is there a law in the United States against hate speech? I don't really understand why you're bringing up private businesses and what they choose to do when we're talking about the 1st amendment which only applies to what the government can do. No one made those companies make those decisions, they did it of their own free will and as an exercise of their own freedom of association, something also protected by the 1st. It's kind of funny but it sounds like you are trying to limit their ability to how freedom of association which would be an infringement on their 1st amendment rights... You absolutely have the right to say whatever you want and the government cannot inprison or fine you for it that's what the 1st amendment is all about but it doesn't say at any point that there can't be consequences for the things that you say, social consequences, cultural consequences. And of course you absolutely have the right to speak out about these things but don't pretend that this is a first amendment issue.

Jake Middleton 3 months
Can you show me where it says that in the actual constitution?
Dissapointment.exe 3 months
Did you not see the "Murder is fine if your a women" in the constitution and the "anyone who disagrees is basically Hitler" part as well?

Andre Gerard 3 months
"constitutional", you keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means!

me notyu 3 months
quite the opposite. the constitution and the 14th ammendment explicitly guarantee the protection of the right to you must first find a logical reason to omit that guarentee before you can make other assumptions.

TheWeakMinded 3 months
The right to free speech does no harm. The right to Own a gun does no harm. The list goes on... The right to kill something, by all scientific fact, human? Pretty sure that doesn't follow the same logic...

Rick Smith 3 months
If everything is a Constitutional right then nothing is a Constitutional right. This is Sanders, and many other Lefties, diminishing the value and power of the Constitution. This will eventually bring on a totalitarian state where all "rights" will come from government and the Constitution will be taught as an outdated and ineffective/inefficient document to be mocked and ridiculed.

MF 3 months
last time I checked, it takes 2/3 of both chambers and 3/4 of states to change the constitution, and we are no where near having that kind of broad consensus about anything, regardless of what vocal senators or candidates may think or be willing to say to try to get elected. The culture war is over folks. The left has lost, badly. They may continue to bury themselves deeper and deeper for a while more, but even young people are waking up to their insanity.

Andrew 1010 3 months
Uhh Bernie... big fucking OOF mate.

Wig Idacious 3 months
Cynical move to garner the solipsistic female vote.

Ryan 3 months
If anything, the Constitution directly opposes abortion with the 14th Amendment guaranteeing the right to life...

Unbiased Intent 3 months
That's a no actually. Mr. Communist, it does not.

SimonR 3 months
Point to it berny

Eva Blue 3 months
No Bernie, ending a life because it would inconvenience you is NOT a Constitutional right.

No Signal 3 months
It's true. He does have the right to abort himself.

Petri Fide 3 months
Hitler and Stalin believed the culling of undesirables (eugenics) was a state right as well.

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 3 months
Sanders apparently needs to actually read the Constitution...