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Poppy Gloria 1 weeks
How about introducing a bill to send them back after 20 days? Not enough room in the Inn folks.

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
Just send them back.
Adam Marceau 1 weeks
I unironically think the joke trump laughed at that was in the news is the best idea. just shoot them. we could fix the problem for 5 bucks worth of 5.56 instead of a 25 billion dollar wall

Just An Opinion 1 weeks
Do what Australia does: 1. Send them back before they cross the border. 2. Pay a foreign country to house any asylees that cross the border. 3. If they're lying, fine them for costs incurred, then send them back. 4. If they're true asylees, send them to a safe foreign country for settlement (via an asylee exchange) NO illegal aliens should get to stay in the US. Even if genuine, it just gives others a glimmer of hope. There should be a zero percent chance for illegals to actually get into the country they petition for asylum.

Miles O'Brien 1 weeks
Candidate for humanitarian of the year!

David 1 weeks
Good but it should be until they either accepted or deported

M.Twain 1 weeks
Will give 80 more days for the guards to abuse them.
Deadman 0_0 1 weeks
Nah, just eighty more days for them to suffer from injuries their parents put them through then blame it on guards.
M.Twain 1 weeks
And the earth is flat right, and a magical man created the universe.

drakethesnake 1 weeks
When it becomes indefinite, the right will still deny it's slave labour.
Jake Middleton 1 weeks
Hmmm the right wants to turn them away at the border, and the left want to let them waltz on in hmmmm I wonder who is responsible for how long the wait times are? Hmmmmmmm
drakethesnake 1 weeks
The right is shutting down the boarder. Net migration from Mexico is negative. So more people are leaving the US and going to Mexico. As a result it's forcing people who went back and forth to stay in the US illegally rather than going back to Mexico. The left wants to make it easier to get citizenship so they can immigrate legally. So yes the right is responsible.
Beisht Kione 1 weeks
Bullshit if its negative. Border patrol says they catch 1 for every three that come across and 100,000 came just a month ago. There is no way 200,000 are leaving. You're just making shit up.