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Jason Culligan 3 months
What happens when your all electric truck carrying troops between bases starts to take mortar fire and it's lithium battery decides so spontaneously burst into flames? These sorts of poorly thought out touchy feely rules are the kind of crap that will literally get soldiers killed.
michael zubas 3 months
ask that about the M1 whos gas tank gets shot.
Idiot Prole 3 months
Difference is that you can have self sealing diesel tanks on most vehicles and they won't blow up or conflugrate or do anything but leak and reseal when punctured. Lithium batteries however.... Remember those tanks which were called "Tommy cookers"? We'd be going back to the bad old days. Not to mention energy density issues. Currently lithium batteries are not suited to military use.
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
@Michael gas tanks don't blow up from being shot that's just a myth

ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 3 months
Yeah no. I get it you’re all freaking over emissions but I’m not risking our troops by putting non-essential requirements into their equipment. If vehicle can carry a little more and/or move just a hare faster by doubling its emissions that’s fine by me. Because that payload could be a wounded marine and the golden hour is a hard rule you never want to exceed.

Andrew 1010 3 months
Alright guys your only using electric lawn mowers from now on. And your gonna have to replace your Humvees With Toyota Priuses and Ford Fiestas. Make it happen!

Natasha Gossman 3 months
HAHAHA HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂 Good one. Next you'll tell us you have a plan to secure eternal world peace! Oh this loon cracks me up.

Barny Fraggles 3 months
Is there one sane democratic candidate at the moment?
Ian Agkpo 3 months
Biased comment 3 months
The sane ones know better than to try in this climate.
Natasha Gossman 3 months
I dont understand the question. Sane and Democrat don't go together....

No Signal 3 months
she wants everyone to watch from tanks to assault bicycles.

Idiot Prole 3 months
Actually the US navy has made strides to use bio fuels where they can. This is not just to develop the industry and be all green but also to ensure energy security in future large wars. Multiple sources = redundancy. Renewable energy also often means energy security.
Hannibal 3 months
Sorry, no. The USN was ORDERED to pursue it by Obama's staff. Biofuels are highly inefficient as they tend to gunk up engines and are prohibitively expensive. Domestic sources of energy are more than enough for military needs. ROI on biofuel coupled with opportunity cost and it becomes a painfully obvious giveaway to farmers and entrepreneurial contractors.
No Signal 3 months
Lets stop using arable land for fuel and use it for, I don't know. Food?
Idiot Prole 3 months
You know what else gunks up Navy engines? Seamen.

The Civic Nationalist 3 months
Lol, Democrats are just insane these days.

David 3 months
Lol moron

Avi Khait 3 months
Next, ban automatic weapons for the Army.

AY-MO mk2 3 months
Can Warrens head get any further up her own arse?? Shes a fucking loon