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Jake Middleton 3 months
And resisting arrest triggered the chokehold lol a real butterfly effect
Jackie MOD 3 months
so the police have the right to kill you simply for resisiting arrest? not like, point a gun at them, but just "resisting arrest"?
Jake Middleton 3 months
No they do not, but not resisting arrest has an almost 100% success rate for not being accidentally killed while resisting arrest. Also just as an aside, have you ever been in a proper chokehold jackie? Good luck getting out anything more than short bursts of gurgling, try the Eric garner challenge of being ‘properly’ chokeholded and attempt to say “I can’t breathe” even once lol notice how it states “chokehold lead to his death” and not “chokehold cause of death” in today’s age we have to read between the lines of these race baiting headlines meaning the chokehold causes him to have a heart attack because he was out of shape, and even if I disregard all of that, he wouldn’t have died if he had just not resisted arrest, the courts are there for you to plead your case, you don’t plead it by resisting arrest, I for one believe that black people have enough cognitive function to understand cause and effect even if they try their hardest to prove me wrong lol
Jackie MOD 3 months
I'm glad we agree on the main point. in re: to the rest - I have actually. once with my own Gi in judo, from which I learned never to point out when an older black belts bones pop when he stands up and certainly dont imply hes old...

M.Twain 3 months
Death for selling loose cigarettes, why is that even a crime, let alone a capital offense crime.
Jake Middleton 3 months
Nice try lol it was death by being fat while resisting arrest
Captain Fighter 3 months
The man had a heart attack while resisting arrest, the Police did not intentionally kill him.
Jackie MOD 3 months
@MT tax evasion, I think, or something like that.

Lolita Dolorosa 3 months
So had he not been a fat fuck he would have survived. Make him the new face of weight watchers.

Lee VanChief 3 months
every ufc fight would end in death.