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Denis Ott 2 months
My opinion is, that abortions should be avoided whenever they can. It should not come to the point where you need to have an abortion, because you weren't clever enough to use one or multiple usable birthcontrol methods. However the option to have an abortion, should still exist, in all the cases of rape, incest, underage pregnancies and cases of diagnosed mental and, or medical risk. But only up to the point where the child can survive outside of the womb. A independent panel of medical professionals could easily set a point in time where this is possible. As far as I know children after the 22nd week have a really good chance to survive. Only cases where the child can still be aborted after this timeframe is when the mothers mental or physical wellbeing is at risk. But those have to be disgnosed if possible. After this around 20 week timespan the child has to be aborted through a ceasar section + the lethal injection of a saline solution to stop the childs Heart anyways, the same method a child would be delivered by after this point in time. Here in Germany a woman is required by law to seek a counselor who has to inform the woman about the abortion methods but also the support the state, therapists and family and friends can give her if she chooses to keep the child, before a abortion can take place. Which i believe to be a good Idea. If anyone knows any more specifics about when the child can survive outside the womb or what abortion methods are used after the child has reached this point please reply.
Hildy Johnson 2 months
What about the fact that in many of these states they are making contraception beyond condoms almost impossible to get?
Stephen 2 months
Sources needed, Gillian
Monster Mash 2 months
Gillian what are they doing to make birth control unaccessible?

Jake Middleton 2 months
I’m not a fan of abortions at all, but even I think victims of rape and perpetrators of incest should be allowed to receive them.
Jake Middleton 2 months
Although I would prefer it if perpetrators of incest were just sterilised to begin with lll
Biased comment 2 months
Rape is horrible and incest is disgusting. But in these situations abortion just adds more victims. Instead of the only the woman having her life destroyed there are now the woman and a child having their lives destroyed. It makes a horrible situation even worse.
OttersGonnaOtt 2 months
While incest is certainly not a good thing, aborting a resulting fetus would amount to unjust punishment. Incest is not unwilling like rape and the woman wanted to have sex, making the pregnancy a consequence of poor decisions rather than a forced condition. Why would we give incestuous couples a free pass to skirt their consequential responsibilities? Or are you instead proposing forced abortions for such incestuous children? Abortion makes no sense for cases of incest unless you start getting into the intent of cleaning up the gene pool, which is rather oppressive and genocidal in my opinion. True there is a chance such a child would bring about negative recessive traits, but that isn't certain and the kid could be perfectly healthy, with loving parents even. Long term that becomes a very real issue however.

Stephen 2 months
This is how it should have been decided in the first place, let every state decide how strict or free it wants to be with the murder of the unborn. If New York and California want to introduce bills allowing abortion up to, and according to some politicians beyond, the point of birth, That is their right. Roe v Wade never needed to be legislated by 5 unelected lawyers.
Pete Nell 2 months
You can't allow States to decide who counts as human or not. Otherwise if one wanted to decide that based on race or gender or anything else that's fine (in this case it's age). In fact the only debate is when are you a person under the law. Once that's decided specific additional rules can be controlled by the states.
F T 2 months
"beyond the point of birth" Please just stfu! Trying to spread the lies that you and your retarded backwards ilk loves to spread. Yeah, the left wants to BBQ newborns and sell the parts they don't need, huh? The right is controlled by religious idiots, and these new laws proves it. Christians would love nothing more than to force their bullshit version of morality down everyone's throat just as much as the Muslim extremists do. Religion needs to be aborted out of society.
Stephen 2 months
F T Remember Ralph Northam? When he described, when discussing a late term abortion bill, a scenario in which an infant is born alive, "made comfortable" and THEN a discussion would take place whether or not to kill the already born child. for more on this politician.