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Andrew 1010 3 months
Annnnd... why should there be a special prosecution for the ones that only kills cops? But not ordinary civilians? I'd say this prospect of his was more emotional instead of logical.
Jake Middleton 3 months
Because police have to routinely put their lives in danger as opposed to ‘normal citizens’ who do not.
Lee VanChief 3 months
why is it such a crime to assassinate the president? he's just a normal person? when youre a high profile target, or a public figure like police or a politician, you are a target unfortunately and many disturbed shitbags would like to kill you. without tough punishment your chances of being murdered would skyrocket because of probability. it's not about punishment, it's a means of protection for high profile individuals.
PhilNye ThePhysicsGuy 3 months
Jake, no one forced people to be police. They freely made that choice and maybe they should take on some personal responsibility about their choice instead of being coddled by the state.