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Andrew 1010 3 months
Annnnd... why should there be a special prosecution for the ones that only kills cops? But not ordinary civilians? I'd say this prospect of his was more emotional instead of logical.
Jake Middleton 3 months
Because police have to routinely put their lives in danger as opposed to ‘normal citizens’ who do not.
Lee VanChief 3 months
why is it such a crime to assassinate the president? he's just a normal person? when youre a high profile target, or a public figure like police or a politician, you are a target unfortunately and many disturbed shitbags would like to kill you. without tough punishment your chances of being murdered would skyrocket because of probability. it's not about punishment, it's a means of protection for high profile individuals.
PhilNye ThePhysicsGuy 3 months
Jake, no one forced people to be police. They freely made that choice and maybe they should take on some personal responsibility about their choice instead of being coddled by the state.

Asura Bomb 3 months
Cant keep society in check if your police are dead.
PhilNye ThePhysicsGuy 3 months
That’s assuming police actually keep things in order.
Janitor Jez BingBangBong 3 months
If they can bring the army in to do the border patrol's job then why not give the cops a little assistance too....
Big Bang Boi 3 months
PhilNye ThePhysicsGuy What would you do if there was a home invader? Cry? You probably don’t like guns either so...

SimonR 3 months
For multiple instances of murder, too.

Star Alien 3 months
Usa. Always gets murder convictions right. There have never been any mistakes.
SimonR 3 months
Humans make mistakes, murder isn't a mistake it's intended.
Paris Cloud 3 months
@SimonR unless he's saying people wrongly convict. If there's video of the incident it should be open/shut.
Jake Middleton 3 months
If it’s only beyond a reasonable doubt then life in prison if it’s 100% then whip out the rifle.

Phil W 3 months
What happened to "states rights" I thought we should respect the citizens of states who decided that they don't want to have capital punishment. Could it be that principles don't matter to conservatives?
Cory Pritchard 3 months
That would explain conservatives number one issue to expand the power of the federal government to seize private lands and construct a wall on them. Not to mention their anti immigration stance also contradicts capitalism and a free market.
István Károly Farkas 3 months
Immigration or illegal Immigration?

Frederic Lück 3 months
I think you should get the same penalty no matter the person who got killed is
I am Cobalt 3 months
Your diversity bullshit doesnt add up. Is the life of the average depressed 19yo Mc Donald's worker more valuable than the man who works to actually protect the community he lives in? One less minimum wage worker doesnt make a difference. But one less person keeping the road safe and crime low does. Their lives are more valuable and the truth hurts, but you have to accept it.
Cory Pritchard 3 months
Cobalt, advocating for giving government the power to determine whos lives are more valuable is extremely authoritarian and definitely outside supposed conservative values.
U WOT M8 3 months
Agreed Frederick.

U WOT M8 3 months
No. Everyone has the right to due process including appeals. Equality before the laws means we not elevate the protections for officers over anyone else, murder is murder.

Scott 3 months
Trump sometimes says the stupidest shit.
Tim Churchward 3 months
I don't think that this is a stupid idea But yeah he says some dumb things

Patrick 3 months
dumbest thing ive ever heard

Steve Scotts 3 months

Mod Okay 3 months
More red meat for his base, while constantly changing the talking point.
Jake Middleton 3 months
So you are against it?
Mod Okay 3 months
I am against most forms of capital punishment, also the way this is framed it makes it seem like violence on police is the only problem while omitting the issue of police brutality. Do you think cops that shoot innocent citizens should get the death penalty?
Antony Bennett 3 months
Statistically insignificant problem. Focus on the real issues, not leftist talking points.

Mitchell 3 months
I still really don't like the idea of the death penalty. I think anyone can find redemption, even for something as awful as murder. One can never grow past their sins if they're gone forever.
Daniel McEwen 3 months
I agree. I've seen it happen. Saw at least one person undergo a complete change in prison to the point where his was given the ability to help other inmates with addiction problems.
István Károly Farkas 3 months
And there are people who are evil. Few of them will live their lives in prison, and some people can probably sleep better because of it.
WWG1WGA 3 months
I bet you're all for killing babies though🤔

Lowlife 3 months
Only if there is clear evidence. It’s better to let ten guilty men walk free than execute one innocent one

Vetle Tollaksen 3 months
I think that sounds dumb

Vetle Tollaksen 3 months
I am sorry, Trump. It was a bit rash of me, that comment. yes, I see there is a need to protect police, and the threat of the death penalty might alleviate the situation. But please do not move that far. because that really seems stupid to me

F T 3 months
Putting the moral argument for the death penalty aside, how can anyone still support the death penalty at all with all of the faults, imperfections, corruption, etc., in our justice system? We already put tons of innocent people behind bars by mistake, but you think we should also trust that same system to snuff lives?! "right to life" hypocrites.
Jackie MOD 3 months
There's also the fact that lethal injection is an incredibly inhumane process.

EpochPrime 3 months
As long as cops are treated the say way when they kill innocent people.

CoLpOeSnED 3 months
Im sure he means cop killers as in cops that kill
Daddy Tito 3 months
Da KkKAwPz R dA reEL BaD gUYz
Jackie MOD 3 months
that would be killer cops cop killer us an Ice T song

Jackie MOD 3 months
Due Process?
Samaritan 3 months
He did say they still should have a fair trial
Jackie MOD 3 months
okay, what about right to appeal?
Viktor holst 3 months
Jackie.. they still have rights.. the proposal was a tougher sentence.. don't just read the title

Christopher Stone 3 months
I am all for speeding up the process of trying and executing cop murderers (if they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of course). I would clarify that this should not extend to those who accidentally cause the death of a cop. I am pro death penalty but I think it should only be used for the worst crimes (such as premeditated murder).
MightyMargulis 3 months
i think life in jail is worse than death, and lessor lesser murderers (if there is such a thing) should be able to opt for death but super murderers should be kept alive as long as possible, suffering in a tiny cell.
Natasha Gossman 3 months
I appreciate where you're coming from mighty, but I personally don't think hatred, anger, and vengeance are a long term solution. They feel satisfying in the here and now, but they can cause far more damage under the surface than forgiveness and retribution. I'm not trying to say all can be redeemed, some can't, and those people should be thrown to the wolves, but the challenge is that we as humans are completely incapable of determining who is who. I'd rather let some guilty go free so that more innocents can be saved then to let innocents (or the redeemable) be lost just for the sake of hateful revenge. Many of the most wonderful people spreading the most good are past criminals who are looking for redemption. Sorry it sounds so sappy, I tried to tame it down, but its kinda an emotion riddled topic, whichever side you take.
MightyMargulis 3 months
i agree in that id rather 100 criminals go free than one innocent person be incarcerated.