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Robert Talbot 3 months
Putin really needs to get checked. Having a Saviour complex isn’t normal.
Randy Rand 3 months
America has a saviour complex dude lol.
Ognar 3 months
Putin does not have a savior complex, if you look at what Russia sunk to under Boris Yeltsin and then look at what Putin has built Russia back into he truly has saved Russia which had fallen to being a joke that even pop culture lampooned. Russia today once again matters as much as it did as the Soviet Union but it is a functional country today. Putin has literally saved his country in the same way as Pinochet did for Chile and Lincoln did for the United States. All faced their countries in the midst of failure and resorted to brutal methods to hold their countries together and rebuild their nations.

No Signal 3 months
WTF? just a word salad that does not tie to... well hell, anything.