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ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 1 weeks
All four of these articles are for completely different thing...
NeverMetTheGuy 6 days
I've never met you.
ThatOneGuy WhoDoesThatThing 6 days
You haven’t met The Guy, but now you’ve met That Guy...

Nuclear Jellyfish 1 weeks
isn't it called rape nowadays ?
bishopsknifetrick 1 weeks
nope. welcome to christian sharia.
Crullerbelle 1 weeks
How is that called Christian sharia? That doesn't even make sense.
Jeffery Wells 1 weeks
Not if it's consentual. The story doesn't say force was involved.

David 1 weeks
Reason why no men should be in female prisons and no females in male prisons

Lolita Dolorosa 1 weeks
Paid administrative
Wholly Mindless 1 weeks
Since AUGUST. Wow, way to save that $ Washington.

Joey K 1 weeks
These sources are completely irrelevant

Captain Obvious 1 weeks
his specialty was the cockmeat sandwich

Max 1 weeks
Slay queen

Article V FTW 1 weeks
Now that's what I call doing "hard" time!

Andrew 1010 1 weeks
...Yeah that sounds pretty messed up.

INFO WARS 1 weeks
Good for him !! on your knees you no good!! 😈

Max Gardner 1 weeks
Hard Time #19 Bow chikki wow wow

NeverMetTheGuy 6 days
Not a single picture... Who else is wondering what they look like? If I'm not mistaken, prison has never really been a place that's packed to the brim with smokeshows.