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Tommy Hawkins 3 months
Yang is one of the Leftist conundrums. Someone who uses capitalism to achieve wealth, but proposes national programs, like universal basic income, that undermines the very system that gave him wealth.
drakethesnake 3 months
No he just realizes that the vast majority of jobs will be replaced by autos and generals over the next 20 years, and humans won't be able to complete. So if any form of capitalism is to preserved consumers need a way to consume as they simply won't be able to work through no fault of their own.
KatoBytes 3 months
It doesn't undermine the system. It's actually the best way to do it. Look up Rhine capitalism.

Twofoldness 3 months
I would gladly vote for Tulsi or Andrew over Donald in 2020; but we all know it's going to be uncle Joe or commie sanders.... the super delegates wont allow anything else

Naidu VGA 3 months
wow finally some rain from the trump drought