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Unbiased Intent 3 months
Good for Austria. If you're not willing to integrate to the culture, leave.
Taven Strickert 3 months
so no yamakas turbans fez or anything like that right? so if you're Dutch leave the wooden clogs the bonfire and if you're British leave the bowler hats and pint of bitter at home right? Austria's for austrians right?
Vojin Milosavljevic 3 months
He didn't say go to the Alps and sing. He just says that western European and Muslim culture doesn't go well together.
CoLpOeSnED 3 months
@VM You sound like you would be a supporter of Jim Crow laws because 'blacks dont git along with the whites'

George Ashworth 3 months
The hijab is a symbol of modesty and sexual maturity in islamic culture. Young girls should not be wearing it in school. It would be the equivalent of a young girl wearing makeup and high heels to school.
Patrick 3 months
girls do that though
Benjamin Halford 3 months
Not only do most girls wear makeup anyway, the hijab is for, as you said, "modesty". Wearing makeup is the antithesis of that, not the equivalent. Saying that girls shouldn't were makeup, then saying they shouldn't be modest either is, whether I believe on this ban or not, inconsistent as fuck. Try thinking through the things you say next time.
Law Bird 3 months
I'm not sure about this one.

Big Bang Boi 3 months
Great! When does America get this?
Cato Sicarius 3 months
soon brother, soon.
bliss 3 months
doubt any time soon the vocal minority will have a shit fit
Robert 3 months
Freedom of expression, and religious freedom exist in the US. Even if most Muslims would gladly strip us of it, we still respect it for them, which is why we are better than them.

Aiden Allen 3 months
Good! Glad to see there finally stepping up to stop the degradation of European society from the onslaught of rapists and terrorists.
yeah, right 3 months
Feeble Appeasements won’t ever work I don’t trust nor want them in our society. They can practice their regression in their own countries.
NPC #2 3 months
This has nothing to do with primary school burka bans.
Samuel Pearson MOD 3 months
weak b8 m8

Riley Smith 3 months
good! all religious symbols should be banned in school. Christian and Islamic ones.
Ryan M 3 months
Christian and Jewish symbols should be permitted within reason, because the west is a Judeo-Christian culture. You don't have to be Jewish or Christian to acknowledge that the west's Judeo-Christian foundations are inseparable from western identity and history, up to and including the past 500 years of scientific discovery. That's who we are, it's the reason we exist as we do, and it should be celebrated. Islamic symbols are inherently anti-western, because Islamic ideology is inherently anti-western. That's why Islamic symbols and dress should be banned not just in public schools, but in all public places. We should not welcome Islam or Muslims into western culture until the Islamic world catches up with the rest of civilization.
bliss 3 months
i agree keep church seperate from the schools
David Wiebe 3 months
Schools need to teach facts and life skills. Religion and morals should be up to the parents. People need to be allowed to wear their religious paraphernalia in the interest of freedom, but nobody should be encouraged to do so or discouraged from doing so. The state needs to mind their own business as long as there is no danger to public safety.

karl golledge 3 months
what next no child brides for muslims? somebody better step in and stop this...
Okra Okra 3 months
I agree with this statement in all of its entirety
DivineDawn 3 months
free child brides and sticks to beat them with for everybody!

yeah, right 3 months
Wonderful news Now to banning halal and all the rest of these vile imports.
GG WP 3 months
They should definitely serve pigs blood sausage at every school where these vermin have infiltrated. 😂

Julian 3 months
Islam is a hyper aggressive religion. If you give it an inch, they’ll take a mile. So good job Austria 🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹
Natasha Gossman 3 months
Yeah, oppress the victims. That always works.
Notsurewewillsee 3 months
Natasha - how is Islam the victim?
Dean! 3 months
Oppress the victims??? Muslims aren’t victims, whatever ill will they receive they brought upon themselves. Call it karma.

WWG1WGA 3 months
bout time Europe is slowly waking up to the evil they have let in

Barny Fraggles 3 months
Won't fit in? No problem, we can help you with that.

Taven Strickert 3 months
I'm sorry how many attacks have there been in Austria or anywhere that were from a 12 year old girl with a headscarf trying to learn geometry? what will just solve other than the increase distrust between Muslims and the general Western world?
Ryan M 3 months
That distrust is built right into the Quran and Hadith, there's no resolving it until both those compendiums of filth are consigned to the trash heap of history. Banning this symbol of female suppression and ownership is not going to worsen a 1400 year old divide, it's going to strengthen our superior western values against the degrading force that is Islam.
Okra Okra 3 months
You do know what these “headscarfs” are actually for right?
MightyMargulis 3 months
look up the Palestinian annie Oakley, she has been assaulting jews and carrying out terrorist activities with her family since she was 8. in fact in gaza they closed schools today so the kids could participate in the riots on Israel's border.

GG WP 3 months
They should probably start banning muzzles in schools all together. Would be a more adequate policy.
Kamran Aslam 3 months
I'm not aware of anyone wearing muzzles to school (I know some kids can be vicious but that would be going a little too far).
DivineDawn 3 months
Tim Churchward 3 months

Andre Gerard 3 months
"religiously characterised clothing for the head". Are the Austrians going after the Jews again?
DivineDawn 3 months
edgy joke there xD
Tim Churchward 3 months
Inginigos 3 months
That is still a question to start a debate. If they ban religious headwear why not all? And if so, does the way you do your hair count? Interesting joke btw :)

flinx101 3 months
Good for them Muslims need to stop sexualizing young girls
Natasha Gossman 3 months
How does this help girls? They'll either be punished for removing them or not allowed to go to those schools at all. Its ludicrous. You don't take away the freedoms of the innocent in order to stop the guilty.

Mr RadNoodles 3 months
Does that include Sikhs? They’re not Muslim.
Rational ific 3 months
Have you ever seen a Sikh elementary school student wearing a turban? Me, neither.
Mr RadNoodles 3 months
Well yes I’ve seen many Sikhs here in California wearing turbans at schools.
Rational ific 3 months
Really? Kids? Pre-teens wearing turbans?

Mitchell 3 months
I actually kinda like the look of hijab on girls. I think it's cute.
Rational ific 3 months
We should not base laws on whether you think something makes an underage girl look cute or not, though...
Tim Churchward 3 months
Hold your horses mate
Natasha Gossman 3 months
Don't think he was using it as a base for laws. It is a cute look. Very trendy right now too, even outside the religion.

Maximilian 3 months
As a country that preaches religious freedom, but under their rules and regulations. Laughable 😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️
GG WP 3 months
It is indeed laughable that they preach religious freedom but haven't expelled the muzzles. A dangerous double standard if you ask me. Borderline treacherous towards the people of Austria.
DivineDawn 3 months
you with the muzzles again do you have some kind of muzzle fetish?

Dean! 3 months
Remember when you could go back packing across Europe. I remember in the late 90s early 00s where it was the thing to do for college kids. Now you’d never let your college kid do that. Such a shame how destructive Islam is to all cultures it comes in contact with. It’s like a disease.

Jax Milovitch 3 months
That’s a small start Austria But good work

MT144 3 months
excellent news, good job neighbors!
Cary Brown 3 months
Forcing them to wear headscarves is child abuse and should be banned for children and young women in any civilised country.
Natasha Gossman 3 months
How about you stop them from being forced. Forcing them not to wear something is no better than forcing them to.