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R Lewis 3 months
I have never read about so much rubbish in my life. Utter garbage. This trash talk leaves me dirtied. Okay... your turn...
Don Javis 3 months
R Lewis can we just bin the issue please, this is a toxic waste of time, that fills the internet with detritus, I think it is better for all if we just swap this one under the carpet, a clean start so to speak, no point just recycling the issue over and over......
R Lewis 3 months
Are you advocating a "Clean New Deal?"
Don Javis 3 months
sorry, have to be serious now, I'd sooner suck start a 12guage that go "green new deal, and I'm not even a Yank.

K B (Midgetelf) 3 months
Why doesn't Canada just bring it back, then bill the original, asshole company, via taxes? It's gross, but it's our responsibility.

Plumer 3 months
The anti manspreading all prancing, all inclusive leftist Overlord can do anything!