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Akira Kevin 3 months
Suspects in custody but no racial or gender traits released. So that rules out white men. Just sayin'.

Captain Obvious 3 months
their defense is they're practicing abortionists

Natasha Gossman 3 months
This is horrifying. I can't even fathom how this is real. I hope the family gets the miracle they've prayed for. I hope the baby survives.

Eric Fossum 3 months
This is why I fully support capital punishment.
Natasha Gossman 3 months
I normally don't. Like ever. But this demon should be flayed and publicly shamed medieval style. This is horrifying.

Lolita Dolorosa 3 months
People are sick in the head.

tacticangel 3 months
When I first saw this, I was disgusted. Then I realized it happened in this God-forsaken state (Illinois), where we will gladly let even the most heinous murders live out their lives and even pay for their health and safety.

R D 3 months
Reverse abortion

Samaritan 3 months
So this woman went to the killer’s house under the pretence of free baby clothes. Did she never learn as a child not to go into white vans with “free candy” signs?
Samaritan 3 months
Jokes aside, what the actual fuck has to be wrong with somebody to want to kill somebody in order to steal their unborn child? Jesus fucking Christ...

The Dragon 3 months
I'm not surprised. When my mom was pregnant she would eat matches drink paint and could taste the color "Red." It's not a justification but Pregnancy can do things to your head and without anyone keeping you safe shit like this happens.

Little Scar 3 months
Someone so evil should be tortured Law Abiding Citizen style.