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Bashful Rambler 3 months
What do you guys think? Will this actually be commercially available in 2025? Or is this going to get lost in laws and regulations associated with safety?
Stal 3 months
2025 maybe early.Like you said the laws and regu's may drag it on. But this sounds amazing and promising
Avi Khait 3 months
Transportationg tech takes years to develop. This is not just another drone. In addition to tech challenges they will have all those legal issues to solve. Do you see many chopper taxis in the air?
inappropriate name 3 months
I can see something like this eventually replacing private helicopters if it can do the same job well enough. I don’t see us having air taxis by 2025 but driverless taxis definitely be possible by then. Public air transport is more of a 2040s issue. lol

K B (Midgetelf) 3 months
And I predict I'll be a billionaire in 2025. See this is easy. FFS, cab companies can't even afford to upkeep their own fleet of cars. They're torn up, and smell like a cat peed on a bum's puke, but they can totally afford flying cars.

Von Mueller 3 months
lol unless they invented some new form of battery, this isn't going to be profitable

GG WP 3 months
This will probably be available as a novelty in some metropolitan areas well within the next decade. As to when this might be broadly available to the general public for practical purposes, that's quite difficult to speculate on. As already pointed out, the technology may be there but commercial viability and legality of the whole enterprise is something that might take far more work that envisioned by industry innovators.

Brian of Life 3 months
If the taxis that we have now are anything to go by, I'd rather we didn't have those types of drivers flying over my house.

Patrick Henry 3 months
Here come the Jetsons! Probably will be more like 2030 though.

Christian Kenny 3 months
I don’t trust that

MrVairhein 3 months
heres boy Elroy!

Tachyon 3 months
The quality of journalism today is depressing. Even Reuters has dropped the ball by including this nonsense in its article. "...Lifting off from a standing start uses only a tenth of the energy of a traditional runway take-off, so that even with today’s battery technology it can fly up to 300 km..." This is complete physics defying nonsense. Either they got that completely backwards or they meant to say something like it may take one tenth of the runway space.

Ywacch 3 months