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Andrew 1010 3 months
...In love with my closet. Whut? But seriously tho what should classify as marriage? Is it a mutual agreement between two parties of mature age which they are hence binded and open to the legal consequences or is it something else pertaining to must having a child? If that's the case well even if gay they can adopt kids... if they're qualified. Even then what if you have a couple who doesn't want to have kids? Should they not be considered married? Because I have an aunt who is married and very successful and they don't anticipate on having children... they have two dogs but that's it. So are they any less a married couple?

SimonR 3 months
You don't need to be married to love each other. You don't have the right to just marry anyone you love, children for example. And gays need to stop spreading aids before literally anything else.

Unbiased Intent 3 months
I understand the religious argument, though I didn't think Taiwan was religious. I'm against any government stepping on century old religious beliefs simply to accomedate an extreme minority who are obviously not religious. In those cases the government should just create civil unions, it is marriage without the religious connotations.
Bones 3 months
Perhaps governement should have them all be civil unions then, instead of participating in a centuries old religious ceremony.

Plumer 3 months
I reckon Taiwan might have more important issues to consider, like the increasingly belligerent Chinese Communist Party and Xi's intent to realign Taiwan with his idea of a new world order.