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The Masta 1 weeks
I fail to see how Brexit can affect someone decision on where and when to go on holiday.. If anything, its better to go now, before all these prices increases they are trying to scare public. Or I'm missing something?!?

michael zubas 1 weeks
FEARMONGERING TO DESPERATELY KEEP THE CONTROL! the soone britan lets go, the sooner they can have control over their own economy again.

Ste Stones 1 weeks
My toilet won’t flush and that was Brexit to!

NeverMetTheGuy 1 weeks
Maybe they've been carrying over debt, and putting off reporting aloss leading into Brexit so they could blame it on Brexit and possibly get more of a write off.

U WOT M8 1 weeks
Maybe their crap package holidays are actually to blame?

SimonR 1 weeks
Sue the government for failing to govern according to its mandate.

Naidu VGA 6 days
and it's called paying the price for secluding yourself. have a nice day