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Monster Mash 3 months
Keep going and educate more people in how and where to get controception. I definitely believe in limitations up to 12 weeks and for special cases. But as science progresses when need to limit abortions more and more. *I hate Pulling this card as it shouldn't matter, I am a woman don't @me with accusations of not knowing what it is like to be a woman.
Jake Middleton 3 months
I’m a grill btw
Monster Mash 3 months
George foreman? I added it to see if the woman screaming about people not having uteruses can come up with something different. don't take it personally, until woman can produce a-sexually I will always be on the side of both parents deserve a say.
MEIJIN44 3 months
Damn shame you have to let everyone know you are the group you are talking about to get the point across. Some people are just terrible and will take any out of an argument they can get. Notice how no one is going to contradict you they rather argue with people they can dismiss by group affiliation.