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Jake Middleton 3 months
Absolutely disgusting, how dare we hold women responsible for their actions, we all know their brains are smaller and they can’t comprehend consequences as good as men can.
Mod Okay 3 months
if men got pregnant you would be able to get an abortion at Walgreens.
Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
Mod Okay 3 months
Haha gramps contraception is not the same as free will to do what you want with your own body plus condoms are not 100 percent effective. What happens then?

John Mayhew 3 months
This should have always been a state issue. The federal government's overreaching with roe v. wade.
Lolita Dolorosa 3 months
Excuse me? Do you own a uterus? You don't get to dictate to any woman what she does with hers and neither should a bunch of rapist officials.
Rocky LeBlanc 3 months
Lolita that is not a valid argument in the least. You are lobbying to kill a separate human being. The people these women want to kill don't share anything with the mother on a biological level. They have separate dna, blood type, nervous system. In fact if their blood was to mix both would die. We don't make distinctions on life based on viability otherwise we would be killing all the elderly in nursing homes and every person in a coma would be having the plug pulled. We consider human life to begin at conception scientifically and that is the moment that child deserves our protection from any sick monster that wants to harm them. Half of those murdered also have a uterus, but sadly they don't have a voice so that is why we ALL must stand up for them!
The Oracle8191 3 months
Lolita But you're cool with the outcome of Roe v Wade, right? Because the people who decided that case didn't have uteruses either 🤔

Sebastian Rosado 3 months
Okra Okra 3 months
I can confirm that this statement is true
Rachel Walker 3 months
Even married women can choose to have an abortion particularly if they’re in a bad marriage or the husband leaves them would you call them prostitutes?
Unbiased Intent 3 months
Rachel, all we want is for people to take responsibility for their actions. Have protected sex, use the pill, put up for adoption or abstinence. Killing babies should never be the go-to solution. Any fringe example should be determined by a case by case basis.

Monster Mash 3 months
Keep going and educate more people in how and where to get controception. I definitely believe in limitations up to 12 weeks and for special cases. But as science progresses when need to limit abortions more and more. *I hate Pulling this card as it shouldn't matter, I am a woman don't @me with accusations of not knowing what it is like to be a woman.
Jake Middleton 3 months
I’m a grill btw
Monster Mash 3 months
George foreman? I added it to see if the woman screaming about people not having uteruses can come up with something different. don't take it personally, until woman can produce a-sexually I will always be on the side of both parents deserve a say.
MEIJIN44 3 months
Damn shame you have to let everyone know you are the group you are talking about to get the point across. Some people are just terrible and will take any out of an argument they can get. Notice how no one is going to contradict you they rather argue with people they can dismiss by group affiliation.

Rocky LeBlanc 3 months
Almost there. Now if they would just declare the obvious that from conception they are human and therefore have all the rights of all humans they would have had it perfect.

Unbiased Intent 3 months
Finally seeing some action on stopping baby killings. The left are a bunch of loonies. I can already envision the far left articles being written about the fringe examples of rapes to justify their homicide.

Ywacch 3 months
New law: you can’t kill babies Pro murder: fuck!

Coolidge 3 months
This seems completely reasonable.

Dean! 3 months
Glad they are doing this in white republican communities let the leftist slobs continue to slaughter their offspring.

Dean! 3 months
Glad we are finally stopping the slaughter of the unborn.

Lolita Dolorosa 3 months
Bunch of ditch pigs. This is why the US is an absolute shit hole.
Beisht Kione 3 months
Two months not enough time to know you're pregnant?
Robert 3 months
Better calm down with the violent retoric, you'll be thrown in jail for hate speech.
T.N. Morgan 3 months
I know, right? These fucking retarded bitches in the US can't figure out how birth control works so we have to waste time passing laws to keep them from murdering their own babies. It's so stupid. The libtards have turn this country into such a disgusting shithole.

M. Douglas Bolles 3 months
Waste of tax dollars, fix actual issues.

Andrew 1010 3 months
Sounds fair.

PA_Patriot89 3 months
For those comparing this wave to The Handmaid’s Tale: keep saying that and eventually it will come true.

Jacob 3 months
After that announcement in Virginia to allow abortion up to birth, more support and legislation has been made in other states, I honestly do not blame them

Joey K 3 months
I like how they can just do that without maybe asking the people or voting
mike 3 months
People vote for representatives... those representatives pass laws. Don't like the laws they pass? Vote for a different rep. How does it work where you live?
Joey K 2 months
I don't vote for Missouri reps I got out of that shithole long ago

Petri Fide 3 months
Starting to look like the regressive left will need to start heading to New York to abort babies in the delivery room.

troglodyte 3 months
He he he!

JerryBulletSponge 3 months

M.Twain 3 months
Bless their hearts, my fellow Missourians are just so concerned about the unborn, that's why we have a third would rate of infant mortality and some of the highest rates of rural child poverty in the Nation. The State would be a far better place without the hypocrisy of the Bible thumpers.
No Signal 3 months
Are you serious? Child mortality rate is high in America because of crackhead and heroin addicted parents in big cities. If, by some miracle the child survives home life, they will surely risk getting murdered by gang bangers while walking to school. Again, big city problems.
M.Twain 3 months
NS, rural America has some the highest rates due to lack of access to healthcare and high poverty rates.
No Signal 3 months
No. I live in Missouri. wages are lower here because the cost of living is lower. hell I only pay $900 in land taxes for 20 acres. I'm 2 hours drive from Kansas City. There is no shortage of healthcare as a matter if fact it is far easier getting an apointment here than when I lived in Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Tacoma, Chicago... get it?