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Watheverable GRAMPS 3 months
I'm still saying a compromise should be reached in which abortion is illegal except in cases of rape, incest, the mother's life being under threat and serious birth defects.
MacrossMX 3 months
Except the glorious state of Alabama just signed into law that makes an exception only for the mother's health. There are no exceptions given to pregnancies that comes from rape or incest. Their law is so crazy even Pat Robertson thinks they are going too far. And no provisions against the man who impregnated the woman who is not legally married to her? If the crazy right are so hell bent on killing Roe v. Wade, maybe we should review Texas v. White if they insist on creating a nation where rape and incest becomes the norm of reproduction.

consistency 3 months
can we send all of the unplanned, possibly birth defected, non-aborted fetuses to these states now? I assume they figured out the whole welfare increase and jump in foster population thing before they did this genius move?
TheWeakMinded 3 months
So, should we kill people with birth defects too? Clearly you think they didnt have a right to live past birth? Maybe everyone who is disabled? They cost money too.
Nika D 3 months
Wait—Foster care is not newborns. Women who want to give their babies up adopt them out. Foster care is kids forcibly removed from their households usually due to neglect or abuse.
TheWeakMinded 3 months
Nika, Blaze has no idea of the stupidity he is spewing lol