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Unbiased Intent 3 months
Then get your stuff from the US. Simple.
M.Twain 3 months
US produced product costs are affected by the tariffs as well. Nobody wins a trade war ever.
Hannibal 3 months
Twain: Nazi Germany was "winning" its trade wars prior to the shooting war. Their export subsidy and capital control system was highly effective at closing its own market whilst boosting exports. There's a long list of trade war winners.
M.Twain 3 months
Yea they were tearing it up in Nazi Germany, except for the rationing since they couldn't get fresh fruits and veg and clothing among other consumer goods which led them to take military action, which they lost as well.

Andrew 1010 3 months
For those of you saying oh it'll be fine if they just by stuff from the U.S.A you have no idea of how Economics relating to market equilibrium, supply and demand curves, and comparative and absolute advantage works. Trust me prices will rise at drastic rates. Trade Works but only if there are agreeable exchange rates and there AREN'T TARIFFS. You guys don't understand that we are still the 2nd LARGEST EXPORTER of goods only to China.
Akira Kevin 3 months
prices will rise, as will jobs and wages. do YOU understand economics?
Turn N Burn 3 months
China will get sick of it and cave to our demands. I beleive that's the point.
Rage Against the Vagine 3 months
sick of what? the American importers are paying the tariffs. not the chinese. it will encourage them to raise prices on the consumer (American people btw) of those goods to not effect their bottom line.