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Matthew Rowley 3 months
I lived in Kuwait and shit like this happens all the time to third country nationals. But, all cultures are equal, right?
Jörmüngandur Draugur 3 months
All xultures are beautyful in fact....
Big Bang Boi 3 months
Stoning and tying maids to trees is just part of their culture, you racist bigoted racist!
Matthew Rowley 3 months
That's a good point...I would like to start my apology by admitting I am a white male...forgive me. lol.

Scruffy Stoat 3 months
Beautiful culture, I feel so reassured that Saudi Arabia is a top American ally.
Andre Gerard 3 months
Because the actions of one Saudi certainly represents a whole country, and should definitely be a factor in foreign relations!
Der Rikmeister 3 months
@Andre. Yes, the exact same way white nationalists are used top smear all white americans or white people in general.
F T 3 months
@andre if you believe this is the attitude of just a small portion of Saudis, you must be... Oh, never mind. What's the fucking point.

Cary Brown 3 months
So many Saudi families seem to have no decency in the way they treat people. My daughter-in-law is from the Philippines and similar ill-treatment happened to one of her friends. I've met many of her compatriots and they're kind, dependable people, always trying to get ahead by working hard and doing their best. This story makes me sick, it could be one of the lovely young women that I've met. I hope something can be done to stop this exploitation.
Stal 3 months
That's sad to know. Yes it is inhumane the way these people treat the foreign working class. And Saudi is definitely the worst of the lot in the ME