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BLM leader’s jail reform group spent $26K at luxury resort in 2019

BLM leader’s jail reform group spent $26K at luxury resort in 2019

A LA-based jail reform group chaired by BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors spent $26,000 on ’meetings’ at a luxury resort in Malibu in 2019. Reform LA Jails spent $10,179 on items listed as ’meetings and appearances’ at the Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club and an additional $15,593 at the resort’s Malibu Conference Center. Details of the ’meetings and appearances’ expenses remain unclear.

Shmule 1 weeks

Nice to see they are giving back to the community. Maybe luxury will change their opinions of Marxism ... maybe not ... Marxism has always treated the elites well at the expense of everyone else.

Bode 1 weeks

When we show outrage over prosperity gospel pastors riding high in their mansions while the masses live in strain, then I might worry about BLM leaders too

Eric 1 weeks

Seems about right, most governments, education orgs, big business, they all do the same thing.

MIDESSA 1 weeks

Wonder how many NRA members are simply astonished at this? Or better yet supporters of TV evangelists and their Lear jets (taxfree)

Emil J.
Emil J. 1 weeks

,,Rules for thee, but not for me."

Ned_Flanders 1 weeks

Good for them, I guess..?

Justin 1 weeks

Racism at it's finest.

Billy 1 weeks

This shouldn't be news to anyone with half a brain. BLM, Proud Boys, they both have the same basic greed and delusional thinking. They care about themselves, noone else. Open your eyes.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 weeks

This is not news. Mainly bcs who the f cares I can say I don't

chris 1 weeks

Sometimes you need to take a vacation after all of the insurrection.

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