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Notsurewewillsee 1 weeks
Maybe news outlets should just write articles about who is NOT running for president in 2020?

M. Douglas Bolles 1 weeks
Gotta split that vote up and hand trump that second term

Michael Tatom 1 weeks
The left has nobody, not a single person who puts America first. For that reason alone I have to vote Trump in 2020.

Beck70 1 weeks
Why? So he can reviled nationwide?

Roadhog 1 weeks
Bill requires more power to complete his 5 year plan.
Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
Even if the Dems put forward 1 candidate, Trump would still likely win a 2nd term.
Captain Obvious 1 weeks
ya, it's horrible when how you govern actually helps the country
Oliver Biscuit 1 weeks
Lol. It is pretty sad that despite all the bullshit thrown his way, the US is doing amazing under The God Emperor's rule when you figure if people would just give the hate a rest for 30 seconds, some real greatness could be achieved.

Andrew 1010 1 weeks

Cory Pritchard 1 weeks
I am starting to think that the purpose of all these established dems running for president is to behave like super delegates after the first couple debates or primaries, pledging support for someone like Pete Buttedge or Biden.

Paul C 1 weeks
Must be free cookies or something in it for these old white guys to be running. Certainly can't be for the masochistic joy of apologizing for their white privilege -- reminds me gotta find a clip of Beto groveling on The View.

David 1 weeks
Lol not a F-ing chance After what he has done to NY city

Lowlife Gaming Crew 1 weeks
Interesting that he’s going after Trump. He does realize that he has to get through 22+ other candidates first right?
Andre Gerard 1 weeks
Going after Trump is the defacto first step to become a candidate for the Dems.

Astropathic Choir 1 weeks
Really? Dems......... So funny. This should be an episode of big brother! Put all the Dems running, in the big brother house an let them compete for the prize of heading up against their most feared opponent! The bad orange man. We, the people do love circuses😎

Unbiased Intent 1 weeks
Is mother Jones REALLY a news source? Really?

Unbiased Intent 1 weeks

Steve Scotts 1 weeks
yay!! who is excited? NO ONE.

Irrelevent Relevence 1 weeks
If you listen real close youll hear the bottom of the barrel being scraped

william snedker 1 weeks
What is this the 23’rd democrat?

Captain Obvious 1 weeks
kiss your hot dogs and big gulps away if he wins

Andre Gerard 1 weeks
Everyone off the rails, we are about to see a train wreck!

Alec 1 weeks
Please no, that would be like the Mayor of San Francisco running for president. Or nation would become a shit hole of dirty needles and shit