Minecraft Earth revealed, could be next Pokemon Go

Minecraft Earth revealed, could be next Pokemon Go

The new mobile version could make AR more popular with mainstream audiences. By using the cameras on a mobile device, the game will overlay the Minecraft world onto whatever the camera is pointing at, allowing players to walk around and engage with others.

Daniel Linde
Daniel Linde
Girthquake 8 months

wow, a mobile game, so excititing

Bennington 8 months

gonna use my phone to chop down a tree

themdg 8 months

Never quite understood this digital one-size-only-lego game.

iknowalittle 8 months

my kids are already playing with the trial version

Kenguru Safari
Kenguru Safari 8 months

No matter how stupid this is... Gonna place dicks all around at work.

István Károly Farkas
István Károly Farkas 8 months

Its an Assault Rifle BAN it.

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