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Biden to propose plan that would include free meals for poor children

Biden to propose plan that would include free meals for poor children

President Joe Biden is set to table a proposal asking Congress to approve spending $45 billion to provide free meals to millions more children from low-income families. This is an attempt to expand the anti-poverty steps taken in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The president is also asking to provide more money for free meals in high-poverty areas throughout the school year.

Eric 1 weeks

Why? Did I miss something? We always had free or reduced meals in school as an option. This man spends money like it grows on trees.

coughdrop1989 1 weeks

This whole has been a giant spending spree for me Biden hasn't it. Hope everyone loves the inflation thats gonna come with your pick of president. He has spent half a trillion in crazy bills in half a week. When we already spent around 5 trillion that was SUPPOSE to help poor families already. In which case we know most of that money was for your oligarch friends anyway.

Rocky 1 weeks

Nothing is free. We will all suffer as the price. Provide meals for your children. It's your responsibility. Now we will all pay far more than they are worth for some poor quality options.🤦🏽‍♂️

nsmith2016 1 weeks

You all are pro life till they exit the womb. No child should go hungry for having useless parents. What happened to the son shall not bear the iniquity of the father?

Neil 1 weeks

.. He announced, before getting in his private jet, wearing a $5000 suit, and preparing to eat a meal that costs more than any of our paychecks. I'd love to see a politician who isn't afraid to wear a t-shirt and jeans and live like a normal person without demanding to be treated like royalty. Politicians are pure trash, especially democrats. He doesn't give one single fuç about poor people.. Except their votes

B 1 weeks

If only there was a way for people to keep more of their money in their own pockets instead of the governments.

Aleks 1 weeks

Oh you poor oppressed right wingers... I know you are all on welfare...

Erich 1 weeks

As with most Federal plans, most of the money will not be used to actually feed children. It’s such a sorry state of affairs: Democrats emplore us to help the less fortunate (and funnel program dollars to their supporters and cronies). Republicans pretend they want to balance the budget (and often vote to do nothing - so they look distant and uncaring). And the bulk of this nation points fingers while the Feds slowly absorb our money and rights.

Barry MC
Barry MC 1 weeks

To me this reads as some food vendors with political connections are going to get some juicy government contract and then provide some kids with sub-par food. Then their executives get a nice bonus. Anyone know if any former Obama staffers are currently serving on the board of a big food company?

GreenMachine 1 weeks

Dude has been in office for over 30yrs. He was around for every other bill and order to feed kids. If those didn't work why would this? I feed my kids. If I invite you over I'll feed yours. I pay taxes for firefighters, cops, teachers, and paved roads. If you can't feed your kids, stop over. We'll figure it out, get you a 2nd job, whatever it takes. But you don't take my money to cover your responsibilities.

Seekster 1 weeks

Don't we already give meals to poor kids already. Lots of students at the High School I teach at get free or reduced lunch and breakfast as well.

Max 1 weeks

There are way more people in poverty now, so obviously it makes sense to spend more money on free lunch for low income families. Good job, Biden 👍

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Take the money they are wasting on illegal invaders. Send them 1 way ticket OUT and take care of AMERICA FIRST.

FineNobody 1 weeks

Or punish food companies in turning their surplus of food into waste rather than having it to be donated to become charitable, senile old man smh

Patty 1 weeks

GET a jar of peanut butter and save the taxpayers a fortune

Angry_Face 1 weeks

Father Joe feeding the poor with your money lol

Blue 1 weeks

Poor kids are just as deserving of breakfast as white kids

Aiden 1 weeks

Kinda messed up how some of you get so mad at FEEDING POOR CHILDREN

Leonard 1 weeks

I work two jobs to feed my three kids and I have to feed your keeds too!!??

Louis 1 weeks

45 billion? What are they feeding them, lobster dinners? Wheres the money really going?

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