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Independent autopsy reveals Andrew Brown Jr was shot in back of head

Independent autopsy reveals Andrew Brown Jr was shot in back of head

An independent autopsy carried out on the behest of attorneys representing the family Andrew Brown Jr revealed that he was shot five times – four times in the right arm, and a fifth in the back of his head. Brown, a 42-year-old black man from North Carolina man was shot dead by a policeman on April 21 in Elizabeth City. A judge is scheduled to rule on releasing the bodycam footage of the shooting.

Mike 1 weeks

If Sharpton offers to give the eulogy, and you accept, we now know this is all about an agenda and that agenda has nothing to do with justice.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks

Police are trained to shoot to kill. The reasons for this are threefold. One. Shooting arms and legs is difficult, dangerous, and can has a high chance of shooting out bone fragments. You quite literally have the largest artery next to the largest bone. Two. Chest is easiest spot on body to shoot and is the least likely to send bone fragments out the other side. Yes. All of the important bits required for living are there. Three. If a cop needs to shoot someone in the first place it is because they are posing a significant risk to others. It is better to shoot a fleeing suspect than to allow them to barricade or arm themselves. If it is believed a suspect may be armed (I.E they keep reaching for the waistband when ordered not to and reaching for items that police cannot see) then it is justified self defense on part of the officer. Cars count as weapons in some instances. Nobody deserves to die as part of their job. It is not the police’s job to let suspects barricade and arm themselves. It is better that people are tought what to do to prevent these kinds of outcomes instead of politicizing and demonizing the very men that often risk their lives on a daily basis. So sick and tired of seeing BLM burn and loot, painting shrines and memorials to shady, questionable men instead of kids being killed at their birthday parties and in their mother’s vans. It sickens me to think that they will politicize and weaponize any little slight. Police aren’t allowed to be any less than perfect. They must show perfect restraint, perfect force, perfect diagnosis of medical condition, they expect police to administer care on people without having any idea of what is actually wrong. Cops aren’t human to them.

jo‌‌n 1 weeks

it really doesn't matter where you shoot someone if they are posing a deadly threat. Let's see the video.

Shmule 1 weeks

So his family admits he was resisting arrest and trying to escape? With armed officers telling him to stop? And he refused to comply? And no one sees anything wrong with that? Nobody wants to see anyone die unnecessarily; someone needs to teach that this is a recipe for police-assisted suicide, not self-preservation.

Eric 1 weeks

What this looks like is a try for money, in the guise of accountability for officer, while ignoring accointability for criminal.

Potato 1 weeks

A drug dealer flees police in a car during the course of an arrest. So they shot him (good shot too). What were they supposed to do? Let him escape and go on a high speed chase that causes death and destruction across the town?

Jon 1 weeks

Under our current administration the right thing to do obviously is run from the police and put other people’s lives in danger. You know who doesn’t get shot? The people who obey the police when they are ordered to do something. Our law enforcers have to make split second life or death decisions. If we take that away from them we are all vulnerable to criminals

K. 1 weeks

I guess these police weren’t paying attention to the Floyd/Chauvin trial.

Glen 1 weeks

Another be damed if you do or be damed if you don't. No middle ground.

Green 1 weeks

No one is saying he wasn't shot. Everyone is saying roll the film.

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