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First juror in the trial of Derek Chauvin speaks out

First juror in the trial of Derek Chauvin speaks out

Brandon Mitchell, a juror who cast one of the unanimous votes to convict former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder trial of George Floyd, revealed that deliberations were largely spent trying to convince one person who was uncertain about part of the jury instructions. Talking about the deliberations, 31-year-old Mitchell said ’I felt like it should have been 20 minutes.’

Tom A
Tom A
Rocky 1 weeks

Jurors should be embarrassed. They allowed fear and intimidation to prevent them from doing their duty. Ignoring the letter of the law doesn't create justice.

JoDaBubb 1 weeks

"He wrote in the questionnaire he did not think Chauvin "set out to murder anyone"." Then why the 2nd and 3rd degree murder convictions? Seems manslaughter is really the only possibility.

Green 1 weeks

They got to sell their story. Books will hit shelves next spring to I bet.

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