Frenchman sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Indonesia

Frenchman sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Indonesia

An Indonesian court sentenced a French national to death on Monday for drug trafficking. Felix Dorfin, 35, was convicted of trafficking more than 2 kilos of drugs from France to the Indonesian holiday island of Lombok after being arrested in September last year.

Stefan Bißle
Stefan Bißle 1 year

It's not like this isn't heavily publicized if you read anything other than the news that makes you feel good about yourself. Big reason I make international news outlets a part of my normal reading. Learn all sorts of things instead of just on what your local mainstream media wants you to focus.

Barny Fraggles
Barny Fraggles 1 year

Look on the bright side, it's probably preferable to life in an Indonesian prison...

Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 1 year

Death for drug trafficking, wtf.

Barra Cudda
Barra Cudda 1 year

Natural selection working its magic again. You may as well have gone and publicly protested for homosexual rights at mecca. If you can't gather and retain information about the world you are living in you are less than burden to others, you are a hazard.

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