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Ted Cruz predicts Biden’s speech to Congress will be ’boring, but radical’

Ted Cruz predicts Biden’s speech to Congress will be ’boring, but radical’

Senator Ted Cruz opined about what he feels President Biden’s first speech to Congress will be like - ’boring, but radical.’ The GOP lawmaker predicted that Mr. Biden will talk about the $1.9 trillion COVID bill, and will also tout the $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Senator Cruz also said he expects Mr. Biden to ’propose an ’American Families Plan’ that is likely to cost over a trillion dollars’

Tom A
Tom A
Ryan 1 weeks

Republicans love accusing Democrats of being every evil possible thing, even if those things contradict each other. Obama was a weak pathetic president, who was also a tyrannical dictator who controlled the world with an iron fist. Hilary Clinton is a stupid idiot, who is also capable of playing 4D chess with the entire world's economy and tricking millions of people constantly. Biden is a stupid incompetent old man, but he's also in control of a global conspiracy that is going to radically change the entire world. This is tactic used by Hitler and the Nazi's to make their victims appear to be the most evil things in the universe. The Jews were somehow weak backstabbing cowards who were leeches on society, but also, if we don't kill all the Jews than they will use their superior intellect to conquer the world. By making your enemy both moronically incompetent and supernaturally affective, you can both destroy a disease and a world power and get the rewards for both. Be aware of anyone who uses double speak to describe their enemies.

RoseMary 1 weeks

Cruz just needs to go stick his head in a hole and stay there.

g. 1 weeks

One thing I am sure of it will have more than just 2 syllable words.

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 1 weeks

Radically boring!

Randall 1 weeks

Apparently, what makes a great President is having been a game show host.

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