Cohen transcripts released by House intelligence committee

Cohen transcripts released by House intelligence committee

The House intelligence committee on Monday released two transcripts of closed-door interviews with Michael Cohen along with some exhibits from the testimony. The committee’s decision to release the transcripts came two weeks after Cohen reported to prison for a three-year sentence. The transcripts are from interviews the panel conducted with Cohen in February and March.

Stephen 1 year

The guy that is going to prison for lying, is telling anyone who will listen that everyone else is responsible for his actions. Checks out

Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 1 year

ok, right. this is not news. the media is a propaganda tool of the machine. you think president Trump has been beat up by the media, you haven't seen anything yet. buckle your seatbelts for the next year and a half, your about to see TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) at it's worst! and when Ruth Baeder Ginsberg steps down or dies, which ever comes first, and president Trump gets to choose another supreme court judge... good grief

Kenguru Safari
Kenguru Safari 1 year

Someone forced you to lie again? Not a lie again?

Steve Scotts
Steve Scotts 1 year

to late.

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