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DA says brown hit officers twice with car before being fatally shot

DA says brown hit officers twice with car before being fatally shot

The district attorney of Pasquotank County, NC told a court that Andrew Brown Jr’s car ’made contact’ with sheriff’s deputies twice before officers fatally shot Brown in Elizabeth City last week. The DA also said comments by attorneys representing Brown’s family on what was captured in 20 seconds of bodycam footage were ’patently false.’ The attorneys said Brown was driving away to save his life.

jamie 2 weeks

As I’ve said continuously the one constant in every single one of these cases is resisting. The cop does not dictate the level of force used the suspect does. Do we need police reform in some aspects yes we do. Do we need societal and ppl reform, héll yes we do.

noonespecific 2 weeks

There is no such thing as an unarmed motorist. Cars can do much more damage than a gun.

chris 2 weeks

I just saw a bumper sticker that said " democrats do social good" they still haven't changed their motto. They used to do "good" by segregation and if any got out of line, the offender would be dealt without judicial reveiw.

Daniel 2 weeks

Until we get to see the bodycam footage ourselves we are just taking the words of others with something to gain from us being on their side. Was this an innocent man executed in the street with a shot to the back of the head or was this a deadly motorist that got killed for trying to run down police officers? It depends on what side of the isle is talking.

Ronald 2 weeks

Black supremacy groups & BLM loyalist are probably deliberately looking for white cops to negatively interact in situations to feed the narrative all cops are racist against black population.

Brian 2 weeks

So assult with a deadly weapon resulted in the appropriate response by the police.

Jeff 2 weeks

Black people should really stop resisting arrest.

Sigfried 2 weeks

Factual reporting by three different viewpoints is factual. #RealNews.

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