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Mitch McConnell accuses President Biden of breaking promise to unify

Mitch McConnell accuses President Biden of breaking promise to unify

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader described the first 100 days of the Biden administration as ’a massive disappointment’, and accused President Joe Biden of breaking his campaign promise to bring the nation together in the wake of a tumultuous 2020. ’The Biden administration seems to have given up on selling actual unity in favor of catnip for their liberal base,’ he said.

Tom A
Tom A
ttocsick 2 weeks

The turtle knows joe as well as anyone, he's just like him. In the pocket of the Chinese, selling out his own country. What's funny is he thought he was gonna get some kind of power sharing deal with the democrats. Cry me a river.

Glen 2 weeks

Demacrats never live up to their promises. They promise the world to get the peoples votes, but never deliver, but it got them elected. That's all that matters, Right?

snarley 2 weeks

Anything that isnt Republican will de spat at by Republican politicians right now. Despite the American people being happy with him... actually... in response to him being popular. This dude will forgive Trump for an insurrection....but hates Biden for any reason he can find.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 2 weeks

Republicans: Don’t promise much. Don’t deliver much Democrats: Will promise you everything before an election, only to go against those promises and even worse. Seriously the GOP is spineless but the Democratic Party is borderline psychopathic.

Aleks 2 weeks

Go F yourself Mitch you disgusting 🤮 corporate shill... Joe is delivering big time for the people that voted for him

Aleks 2 weeks

This is great Mitch, there is no sense in collaborating with people that still think they represent a majority of the voters in the country and want to dictate their crazy policies... enjoy your time in the minority

Seekster 2 weeks

Politician breaks promise...frankly it would have been surprising if he kept it.

MIDESSA 2 weeks

Bet hes put forth a lot more effort than his predecessor did.

kevin 2 weeks

Seriously? That’s the most McConnell can come up with? That’s weak

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