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Democrats seize on IRS memo in Trump tax battle

Democrats seize on IRS memo in Trump tax battle

Democrats on Wednesday seized on a newly surfaced IRS draft memo about congressional access to tax returns. The draft memo stated that the agency has to provide requested tax returns to Congress unless executive privilege is invoked. While the unsigned document did not directly mention President Trump, Democrats see it as backing up their position with their demands for the president’s returns.

Jason Culligan
Jason Culligan 1 year

Translation: Congress has the power to demand to see your tax returns with zero probable cause, and the only thing that can stop them is an executive order. That doesn't sound like innocent until proven guilty to me.

Coeus 1 year

And... Executive privilege invoked. Case goes to Supreme Court. Trump prevails. Two years pass. Libs slow down reversal of globalist agenda. Nobody wins. Thanks.

IIZard 1 year

Someone said something on an email... A draft email... Fuck democrats.

Jake Middleton
Jake Middleton 1 year

Oh you think you’re innocent until proven guilty and like your 4th amendment do you?, sorry we have an UNSIGNED MEMO here that only has one sentence “f**k your ‘rights’”

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 year

Yeah it basically proves Mnuchin lied and made up laws.

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