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Universities making Covid jabs compulsory for students to return to campus

Universities making Covid jabs compulsory for students to return to campus

A growing number of universities are making it compulsory for its students and staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19 for the fall semester. So far, over 80 universities, including the top Ivy League schools, have said that all students must get vaccinated before they would be allowed to return to class. However, some colleges, like Virginia Tech, are leaving the decision to students.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 1 weeks

Gotta program them young, this way they won't won't question or argue later.... They'll just open their mouths and swallow whatever you want to toss down their gullets. 99.999% survival rate for college kids lmao... Kids that can't even "math".

Rocky 1 weeks

Until the lawsuit start to fly. What an ignorant policy. Millions and millions have immunity already and would not be medically advised to take extra unnecessary risks in also receiving the vaccine. That is anti medical and anti science.

Arthur 1 weeks

this is clearly illeagle and bigotry at it worst!

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 weeks

This just makes sense.

Andrew 1 weeks

Not required for me (yet), but they will give $50 to anyone fully vaccinated by the start of the fall semester.

Rocket 6 days

And each of the universities that push this agenda, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, will be held civilly and crimnally liable if/when some experiences severe adverse health conditions, including death. No entity is immune to FORCING people to take a shot, especially an experimental one!

Shono 1 weeks

We Called It. No surprise.

Joe 4 days

People realize no vaccine yet has FDA approval right? Emergency authorization doesn't equal finalized approval. Interesting that they think they can mandate people in one of the lowest risk categories to get an expirimental vaccine.

O.T.Q.D 1 weeks

That seems unconstitutional and big brother-esk.

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