Germany grants asylum to 2 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists

Germany grants asylum to 2 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists

Germany has granted asylum to two Hong Kong activists. In interviews published on Wednesday, Ray Wong Toi Yeung said he and fellow pro-democracy protester Alan Li Tung Sing were granted asylum last year. Germany’s Interior Ministry, while not giving out the names, confirmed it had granted two people from Hong Kong asylum last year.

kaaaaaaarl 1 year

Actual refugees who will be happy to be here and live by our democratic values, got no problem with that.

Wholly Mindless
Wholly Mindless 1 year

So what are democracy advocates going to do in the Socialist EU? Flee to Hungary or Poland perhaps?

.       .
. . 1 year

Finally Germany does something right! some don't know what China has done up until now. Some (not all) of their very unfair practices: any company that wants to install in China must surrender +51% to a Chinese national, they must have an office specifically for ccp oversight, any innovation must be given to Chinese army, they will steal your ip and make a knockoff of you and have preferential taxes over you and much less oversight, then they will get you with papers that you can not really even get, you must employ a certain number of Chinese, foreigners cannot stay in most hotels and can't rent most apartments, are not able to get anything longer than a 2 year Visa (no green cards), it's almost impossible to get even a credit card and you cannot exchange more than 50k a year to send back home without a heap of tax papers, you are not allowed to import from foreign countries without strict papers that also are near impossible (you'll again have up use Chinese person because without 身份证 you're effectively second class citizen) and of course when all else fails they'll label you a spy and hold you against your will without attorney (they say the do but they don't give you attorney I know this through very good sources) and eventually fine and deport you. Also if you have kids they cannot go to public school. Also you will forever be photographed without consent and pointed at and made fun of as a 老外。In any tough situation you will be the one blamed and best avoid Japanese cars they're often vandalized unless you put pro China stickers all over it and even then... Does that paint a picture for you?!

Bart De Bock
Bart De Bock 1 year

good, more of this, less of the middle eastern criminals

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