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Britain heads to the polls for EU elections it was not meant to hold

Britain heads to the polls for EU elections it was not meant to hold

Britain will hold European Parliament elections on Thursday. The election, which Britain did not expect to have to take part in, is a result of the deadlock in Britain over the way forward on Brexit after PM Theresa May’s deal with Brussels was rejected three times by lawmakers. Britons are due to elect 73 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

TheBornOfFire 1 year

vote Tommy, Sargon, Dank, UKIP. hey vote Nigel Farage fan club if you must. send this message, its all we have left to shout at the traitors with.

IIZard 1 year

No-one should be having a vote. Brexit should have happened already.

Coeus 1 year

Britain, are you paying attention? You are too stupid to be entrusted with this important decision. If you don't give the correct answer, we'll just ask the question again until you get it right. Idiot peasants. Tip: tick the box marked NO and stop asking dumb questions.

Ubercheese 1 year

This is ridiculous, if your late registering then it is your problem. For any other reason this is not acceptable.

Beck70 1 year

Go Brexit! Give a nice big middle finger to the EU.

IIZard 1 year

The government we chose to represent us has failed to do so.

Lance 1 year

Imagine this headline. "US citizens no longer allowed to vote in US elections" that'll be the day we lost the U.S. to the communists

Wig Idacious
Wig Idacious 1 year

Why should they be allowed to vote when their interests may not be aligned with the natives?

Torrey Jones
Torrey Jones 1 year

if you're Irish, you need to be voting on Ireland's EU rep, not the UK's. This is like someone from New York wanting to vote for California's governor.

Drago5313 1 year

Well fair enough I mean the UK wants to leave anyway so they would need to kick out whoever was elected after the brexit finally happens {also never}

NeverMetTheGuy 1 year

So people that don't hold a UK passport, or are otherwise naturalized citizens can't vote? What's the problem here? There's no reason people who aren't British citizens should be allowed to vote, otherwise tons of people from the EU could just show up and swing the vote.

MT144 1 year

comments by people, probably brexiters, that think, that electing pro-brexit candidates into EU parliament will affect anything. If you haven't been paying attention, most EU countries want you out, even with no deal. its just you guys can't seem to make up your minds.

Sean 1 year

This is fake news.

Hank 1 year

Ofcourse most people responding like the EU, there are only two countries paying for that shit and germany basically buys their fourth reich, so that just leaves us dutchies being fucked over.

David Michael
David Michael 1 year

Scooby Doo got a lot of votes yesterday day

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