Loot box Senate bill gets bipartisan support

Loot box Senate bill gets bipartisan support

The details of a bill that could ban some microtransactions in video games are now available. The bill has bipartisan support. Sen. Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, filed legislation Thursday for his Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act, which would prohibit game developers from adding both loot boxes and pay-to-win microtransactions.

SûmFigöt 1 year

Well, the ESRB didn’t step up to the plate, EA, ActivisionBlizzard, Ubisoft, and many others abused “live services”, loot boxes, and other microtransactions to a point that public outcry has reached the ears of lawmakers.

Mark Oulaghan
Mark Oulaghan 1 year

surly this is parenting problem if little Johnny ask mom or dad for their credit card to buy this crap they say NO and if little Johnny moans you take his away his ps4 or Xbox simples

Rave Biscuits
Rave Biscuits 1 year

Good I say, just because you wrap gambling up in an abstraction it doesn't make it not gambling. And sad as it is, there are tonnes of ways to do this: Surprise bags Collectable card games ect. All of these can be sold on eBay for sometimes a tonne, sometimes a little. I hate to say it because I love CCGs but I've pulled £180 cards.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 1 year

How about "don't give your kids free reign over your bank account?" As far as adults go, they can make their own decisions. Want to stop loot boxes? Don't spend the money. If it's not delivering the case, gaming companies will abandon the practice.

Danny 1 year

Personal choice and responsibility. Its not hard.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 year

I'd say Id support age restrictions on loot boxes as they clearly have intentions to establish an unhealthy addiction to the system just the same as is done with gambling machines.

Atechs 1 year

there's a lot of people on here saying that it's personal responsibility as well as poor parenting that is leading these kids to buy loot boxes, while it may be partially to blame it is not fully to blame. These companies still have practices where if you rent a movie or buy an add-on for your kid for their birthday it saves your credit card information to your account and auto checks a little box that says make it easier next time so you don't have to put your password in so transactions are the push of a button, and most parents are not tech savvy enough to notice or they buried the option so far in the settings to undo that option it's nearly impossible or even impossible to find without a tutorial or they're placed in dark gray text on a black background. I think there should be legislation against both loot boxes and pay to win.

Roadhog 1 year

Getting real tired of politicians trying to raise our kids for us.

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