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Bill to allow human composting passed by Colorado legislature

Bill to allow human composting passed by Colorado legislature

A bill has been passed by both the chambers of the Colorado legislature, which legalizes the composting of human remains as an after-death alternative to burial and cremation. The measure has now been sent to the desk of Gov. Jared Polis (D) for his signature. The bill was passed by the Colorado House on a 45-18 vote, and had unanimously passed through the Senate.

Tom A
Tom A
Milkshake 2 weeks

Good. The French Left has also denounced this program from Anglophone academia as complete madness. Critical Race Theory borrows humiliation/humility as a virtue and tool, and original sin, from religion, to attempt to teach anti-racism, and in doing so indoctrinates inferiority complex into certain classes of kids and those especially mentally weak or mentally ill and unstable in depression who can be easily pushed into suicide via inferiority complex and humility systems, with anti-racism as an excuse. The theories within CRT are precisely what lead to New York Asians being discriminated against in academia on the basis of blaming their success in studies as "internalized white supremacy". CRT also lead to the manifestation of such recent headcases as Hemal Jhaveri and Alison Collins VP of SF School Board who some of you may remember also discriminated against Asians on the exact same aforementioned basis except in San Francisco, and then blamed Trump for her own racism. There's many ways to teach anti-racism, and this program is the lowest bottom of the barrel of them that only does more damage than good.

Randall 2 weeks

The first step in making Soylent Green. This will become more important as climate changes making my agriculture less and less efficient.

Neil 2 weeks

This is the best idea ever. Seriously. Dead bodies in a box filled with embalming fluid is terrible for the soil and the spirit. We need to evolve the way we take care of our dead.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 weeks

Wood ash is good for the roses as they like alkaline soil. People ash is higher in alkaline and sodium. Plants don't like this. So I hope we are not talking about doing this... So we are talking about putting granny in the woodchipper then?

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 2 weeks

Most popular statements in Colorado in the next 5 years: Pee Uuu! Who died!

anhed 2 weeks

Would they dig up bodies and use them as compost? This would save lots of acres of land!

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